Commence Operation Smoke Screen

To quote the great Kinky Friedman, the EPA’s looking a little nervous in the service (via the AssPress):

The Environmental Protection Agency is telling its pollution enforcement officials not to talk with congressional investigators, reporters and even the agency’s own inspector general, according to an internal e-mail provided to The Associated Press [emphasis mine – ed.].

Oookaaay. This is exactly like your boss telling you not to talk to the cops when your company is under investigation. Go ahead. Try it. “My boss told me not to talk to you,” will make the cops laugh merrily. And then they will throw your ass in jail.

Of course, like your boss (should he ever feel the need to tell you not to talk to the cops), the EPA seems to be a mite confused:

“There is nothing … that restricts conversation between enforcement staff, the press, GAO and the IG, and the procedure is consistent with existing agency policies,” the statement said. “No one has to get permission or approval to speak with the IG or GAO [emphasis mine, again – ed.].”

As per bAdmin SOP, the preceding paragraph contains a contradiction and a lie:

In a statement issued Monday, the Office of Inspector General said it did not approve of the language in the e-mail and was engaged in discussions with enforcement officials to ensure the electronic dispatch would not hinder its access to information.

Gee, maybe if they spent more time protecting the environment they wouldn’t have to worry about … Nah!


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