Activist Judges – Pt. 911

The long process of scraping the Chimperor’s shit off the Constitution continues (via The Washington Post):

The judge in the first American war crimes trial since World War II barred evidence on Monday that interrogators obtained from [ Salim Ahmed Hamdan] Osama bin Laden’s driver, ruling he was subjected to “highly coercive” conditions in Afghanistan.

Bu-bu- Jack Bauer couldn’t save the day if he didn’t torture the bad guys!

In addition to the other interrogations, the judge said he would throw out statements whenever a government witness is unavailable to vouch for the questioners’ tactics.

O, who will protect us from the mad chauffeurs of the world?

While I’m glad that people who don’t wet their pants when a car backfires are pushing back against this, I will be forever angry that they had to push back in the first place.


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