If I were covering McCane’s campaign

I might write a post about this (via The AssPress):

Although Republican presidential candidate Social Security “a disgrace,” he still cashes his own retirement check every month.

McCain’s 2007 tax return shows Social Security benefits of $23,157 for the year, an average of $1,929.75 a month. He said he started receiving the payments “whenever I was eligible.”

[Sigh] Gorsh, it must be nice to live the sort of life where one does not remember the day, hour and minute one opened a letter and beheld a check for nearly 2K.

People are not required to take Social Security payments, according to B.J. Jarrett, a spokesman with the Social Security Administration.

If I were covering McCane’s express trip to the little town of Political Annihilation I might point out that this is GOP SOP. Divorce, drugs, lying, sex outside of the holey state of matrimony, these are all things that the GOP HATES and they hate the people who do them and hate the people who don’t hate the people who do them.

Until they do it and then it’s time to clutch le pearls in shock that people are making such a fuss over a “personal matter.”

But I’m not covering McCane’s campaign. So forget I said anything.


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