Don’t talk to me about the LAPD

You know, it really is unfair. Other police forces are infested with their share of brutal thugs, but people always focus on the Los Angeles Police Department. Now it looks like the clowns of Prince Georges’ law enforcement agencies will get their moment in the sun (via The Washington Post):

The death of a 19-year-old man who was found unresponsive yesterday in a jail cell less than 36 hours after he was charged with killing a Prince George’s County police officer has been ruled a homicide, sources familiar with the investigation said today.

When this story broke yesterday morning there weren’t a lot of facts and I thought maybe, just this once, the story will have a non-piss-you-off-so-hard-you-have-to-get-wasted ending. Ha!

The state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has determined that Ronnie L. White had two broken bones in his neck and that he died from asphyxiation, according to a law enforcement official who was briefed in a telephone conference by the medical examiner’s office.

Now I’m trying to cling to the hope that it was the guard. What guard sez you? This one sez me:

Jail officials have said White was in solitary confinement and was last checked by a guard 15 minutes before he was found on the floor of his cell, not breathing and with no pulse.

Because if it wasn’t one stupid fuck who thought the coroner wouldn’t notice the deceased had a broken neck, it was two stupid fucks. At least I assume prison guards aren’t the habit of leaving their keys laying around where a completely random killer can get his hands on them.

But here’s the saddest part of this whole sorry pile of shit. Findley was all over the papers for a couple of days after he died. Now some scumbucket has made sure that he’ll quickly be forgotten, his memory tainted by this act of revenge.

And full-bore loony WTF?-o-meter busting shit like this will make everyone feel better:

“I don’t know if it’s justice or not,” [ Maj. Dwayne Preston, commander of the 6th Police District] said of White’s death.

Top that LAPD!


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  1. The s**t is going to hit the fan over this one.