How doth the little busy Dick

Improve each shining hour?

He helps to trash the GOP;

With his evil glower.


Vice President Dick Cheney came to Middle Georgia [Hum a few bars of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” here -ed.] for a couple of hours Monday, raising more than $100,000 for congressional hopeful and retired Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Commander Rick Goddard.

Is this a Pb dirigible which I see before me?

In other non-news, devout Bushphiles are still bug fucking crazy:

“He just asked a name,” Bill Paschall said of the encounter. “I told him I was retired Navy, 34 years service, and he thanked me for that. I think he was secretary of defense (while I was in the Navy).

“He’s a good guy,” Paschall said. “I think he’s smart. He makes decent, rational decisions.”

Benefit of the doubt time: Cthcheny had his lawyer pluggin’ blunderbus on him.


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