History stutters

Once upon a time there was a budding democracy that hatched a scheme to cozy up to the vilest, drunkest sack of shit to ever hold high office in the biggest baddest country in the whole wide world. “Hey there, big fella,” Budding Democracy said. “You sure look hot in that flight suit. We’re going to fight nasty terra dudes, k?”

And the vile drunk power mad sack of shit spat out a pretzel and said, “Ya gotta promise to uphold democracy an’ freedom an’ all that other awesome stuff.” And he winked.

The Budding Democracy winked back and went back home and then started stepping on faces in the name of fighting the nasty terra dudes.

No, I’m not talking about Pakistan (via The Washington Post):

When Bangladesh’s military-backed government arrested more than 10,000 people, human rights activists denounced it as a political crackdown six months ahead of elections at the end of this year meant to restore elected government. In Washington, the Bush administration was largely silent.

That may be because the new leaders have brought a measure of stability to the poor, Muslim-majority nation, cracked down on corruption and, perhaps most importantly for the United States, acted tough against terrorism.

Richard Boucher, the assistant secretary of state for South Asia, later said President Bush’s government was making its concerns known in Bangladesh, but Washington needs “to understand it a little better before we say more” about whether the arrests are evidence of backsliding on democracy.

Oh, now you talk about “understanding.” Quick, what’s the difference between a Sunni and a Shia?

[Crickets chirp]

218 days until these ass limpets GtFo.

Richard Boucher sez: The Bangeldashikis are our friends.

See? They gave me flowers and this great French tickler!


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