Imp arse*

No one could have possibly foreseen that a man would decide keeping his friends an neighbors happy was more important than stroking the ego of some illiterate goon half a world away (via the AssPress):

Iraq’s prime minister said Friday that talks with the U.S. on proposals for a long-term security pact have reached an impasse over objections that Iraq’s sovereignty is at stake, but held out hope that negotiators could still reach a compromise plan.

In his strongest comments yet on the debate, Nouri al-Maliki echoed concern by Iraqi lawmakers that the U.S. proposals would give Washington too much political and military leverage on Iraqi affairs.

Note to BushCo: Surprise! It takes a bit more than some shiny beads and a mirror to buy off the brown dudes.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad stressed the pact was important for Iraq’s security.

“U.S. discussions with the government of Iraq on arrangements for a long-term strategic partnership and security relationship continue,” embassy spokeswoman Mirembe Nantongo said. “Those discussions are based on the fundamental principal of U.S recognition of and respect for Iraq’s sovereignty.”

Note to BushCo: Invading a country, fucking everything up and then demanding shit from the people of the occupied country does not = respect.

Speaking of embassies, you might want to kiss al-Maliki’s feet on a regular basis if you want to keep that giant one you’re building out there.

*All hail Terry Pratchett.


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