Let Them Eat Cake, Part the First

Fiscal responsibility, BAdmin. style (via The Washington Post):

The House yesterday narrowly failed to approve a proposal to give jobless workers an extra three months of unemployment benefits, but Democratic leaders said they would bring back the bill for a second vote today.

Despite a White House veto threat, 49 Republicans voted with a united Democratic caucus in favor of the measure, which would provide an extra 13 weeks of unemployment checks to all jobless workers and an extra 13 weeks on top of that to job seekers in high-unemployment states such as Michigan, California and Alaska.

“The unemployment rate is clearly well below the rates that the U.S. government has historically justified extensions of unemployment benefits wholly paid for with federal tax dollars. And the bill would extend benefits even in states with unemployment rates as low as 2.6 percent,” said White House spokesman Tony Fratto. “With scarce federal dollars, it’s not fiscally responsible to extend benefits in states with very low unemployment rates.”

Yeah, we had a budget surplus, now we have a deficit. Any idea how that happened to it Tony?


Clearly we need to find a source of revenue to cover the cost of this bill. Maybe we can sell something. Hey, here’s fat fuck of a spokesman. Bidding starts at $3,000.


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