I haz a koment polisee

I wasn’t going to do it because I wasn’t expecting any comments. Then I only had a very few comments, which is cool, thanks. Then there was a light dusting of dumbshit from a couple of passing fuckheads.

Then a person whose opinion I respect mentioned (in regards another blog) that the owners have a duty to keep people who comment on their blogs in line.

I tried ignoring his comment and … Damn it, my Islahomofacism still hasn’t wiped out all vestiges of my conscience and I’ve been drinking plenty of snowflake baby slushies.

But I’m still not going to call people out when they post shit I find obnoxious.

I’m just going to use my Koment Polisee.


Note: If it isn’t abundantly obvious, foul language alone will not trigger the Koment Polisee.

Reading assignment: Hot, fresh Fail at Sadly, No!

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