The GOP thinks of the Children

No, this has nothing to do with Mark Foley. The children in this case are the children of oil executives (via The Washington Post):

Senate Republicans yesterday blocked a proposal to tax the windfall profits of the nation’s biggest oil companies and eliminate some of the firms’ tax breaks, rejecting Democratic claims that the measure would help assuage consumer anger over $4-a-gallon gasoline.


Uh! Well! That will make gas prices go up and um, free trade, business, economy … Look! A seagull!

Republicans said that the measure, which they dubbed the “no energy bill,” would do little to lower gasoline prices, and could have the opposite effect by placing an additional tax burden on oil companies. They said the nation could combat high fuel prices more effectively by increasing domestic oil supplies by permitting new exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in waters on the Outer Continental Shelf. Most congressional Democrats oppose drilling in those areas.

OK. I move that the ReThugs are allowed to bleat about ANWR as much as they want if they can give an accurate estimate as to how long it would take to get oil out of there.

While they’re staked out on an ants’ nest and their diapers are smeared with honey.

“This bill is not a serious approach to oil and gas prices,” Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said. “Raising taxes on those who produce something leads to higher prices on the product they sell.”

Says the man who proves the people of Kinfucky don’t take a serious approach to voting. Is this fuckstain actually suggesting that … Yes he is. Way to go Kinfuckistanis.

The Bush administration said the oil crunch was the fault of years of Democratic opposition to drilling. “There’s no question that we’re paying a price today for decades of Democratic opposition and regulatory obstacles to increasing domestic oil production,” White House spokesman Tony Fratto said.

Yeah. Pity you didn’t notice that Republican majority you all had before you lost it because enough Republicans lost the ability to control their dicks. What else?

Republican leaders said they were taking a stand against pay-as-you-go budget rules that automatically assume federal spending will increase from year to year but force lawmakers to make up lost revenue through tax increases or spending cuts when tax cuts expire.

Yeah! Our Repukelican heroes are totally against things like funding an invasion $100 billion at a time!

223 days.


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