Turn yourself over to The Hague

Well, he is looking for ideas (via the AssPress):

President Bush is considering new measures to help stimulate the battered economy, the White House said Friday as unemployment and oil prices soared and Wall Street sank.

You know what else kills Wall Street Mr. pResident? The sound of you quacking and clacking about the economy. StFu plz before we wind up fighting over rats and rusty cans of dog food.

[White House Counselor Ed] Gillespie spoke before a Bush speech on the economy, timed around the ceremonial swearing-in of the president’s new housing secretary, Steven Preston. In his remarks, Bush stuck to promoting his existing economic policies.

Because the lame ass lame duck with polling numbers that would make Nixon laugh has scads and oodles of credibility. Christ, make him shut up. The only reason to listen to that pathetic oik is if you want to know what not to do. F’rinstance:

Instead, he called on the Democratic-controlled Congress to pass long-sought existing priorities of his, such as making tax cuts passed during his presidency permanent and allowing expanded oil exploration in the United States.

Expanded oil exploration will do exactly jack + shit for the economy. Not only does it take time to get oil out of the ground and to anywhere it might affect the price of oil, but speculators are pissing up the market and now if anyone in Israel sneezes while he’s facing east they use it as an excuse to run up the prices.  Mwahaha! Next week they’ll base prices on the number of times Bush wrinkles his brow.

As for his tax cuts for the rich being permanent, excuse me while I laugh until I puke. Because you see, the tax cuts have not exactly made things all sweetness and light, but we’re supposed to accept that if we make them permanent things will be aaaalll better.




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