Trust me baby, it’s not a Crusade

First there was this (via The AssPress):

Hundreds of Afghans demonstrated Monday in two different provinces against a U.S. sniper in Iraq who used a Quran, the Muslim holy book, for target practice.

Then right when people might have been ready to calm down (via McClatchy):*

The U.S. military confirmed Thursday that a Marine in Fallujah passed out coins with a Gospel verse on them to Sunni Muslims, a military spokesman in the Iraqi city said. The man was immediately removed from the checkpoint and reassigned.

The coins angered residents who said they felt that the American troops, whom they consider occupiers, were also acting as Christian missionaries in a predominantly Muslim nation.

*H/t Wilfred, denizen of Balloon Juice.

There could be two things going on here and I don’t know what would be worse.

1. The military is sending people to other countries without telling them jackshit about the place they’ll be living for the next few years.

2. The military is training complete asshats to use weapons.

I know it’s #2 and it doesn’t make me feel any better.

One Marine making a mistake shouldn’t brand the work of hundreds of Marines, said Sgt. Maj. Neil O’Connell in western Anbar province. He went on to tell the story of two young Marines who were killed to protect Iraqi police.

True. One fuck up shouldn’t fuck things up for everyone else. Unfortunately, what Sgt. Maj. O’Connell overlooks is this isn’t a case of one random member of a group being a dick. This is a military occupation and the people of the occupied country have already have lots and lots and lots of other reasons to dislike every member of the group and that isn’t counting the fact that some members of the group have done far worse things than hand out gospel coins.

Plus, you all look alike.

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