Two Guys, One Fail

Smart statergery from the GOP (via The AssPress):

President Bush starts raising money for John McCain’s campaign next week, but the three fundraisers are closed, so there will be no news media cameras photographing the outgoing and incoming Republican party leaders together nor reporters observing their joint appearances.

Two things:

1. If we could rely on Das Press to do more than tell us who was there, what they ate and what they were wearing, we might give a flaming damn.

2. “Outgoing and incoming Republican leaders“? Excuse me, you misspelled L-O-S-E-R-S.

Bush has headlined numerous fundraisers for the Republican National Committee this election cycle, starting last year.

And despite the repeated beatings the GOP has received, they keep asking him to help.


The Chimperor has 241 days left to finish destroying the Republican Party. Godspeed Mr. President!


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