U dont ned no educashun

The mind boggles. Truly (via The Washington Post):

The Defense Department is lobbying against legislation proposed by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., that would guarantee a full-ride scholarship for service members to any in-state public university. According to defense officials, the plan would hurt its ability to retain service members because the new GI education bill would require only three years before the full benefit kicks in. The Defense Department wants the commitment to be extended to at least six years. [emphasis added]

Because people will gladly risk their legs at your shindig in the desert if they know they’ll have to wait six years for their benefits to kick in.  Why stop with education benefits? Get rid of those pesky laws that require employers to hold jobs for deployed soldiers and shoot their families. That will solve those retention problems and make for some interesting recruitment ads.

There’s no reason for you to go back home soldier. There’s nothing for you there. You just stay here with us.

The only family you’ll ever need.

251 days.


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