Chimper Tantrum

Oh noes! The Chimperor is brandishing his vetotizing pen in one hand and a paw full of poo in the other (via The Washington Post):

“I will veto the bill that’s moving through the House today if it makes it to my desk, and I urge members on both sides of the aisle to focus on a good piece of legislation that is being sponsored by Republican members,” Bush told reporters.

He said his administration is “committed to a good housing bill that will help folks stay in their house, as opposed to a housing bill that will reward speculators and lenders.” The Republican alternative bill “will do the right thing for the American people when it comes to housing,” he said.

Without even looking at the bill I know that somewhere in there is a penalty or two for the FoC’s who got us into this mess.

But administration officials previously have voiced objections to the cost of a plan that would help distressed homeowners and have charged that it forces taxpayers to assume too much of the burden of risky home loans.

That’s right! Taxpayers should be forced to assume the burden of illegal invasions, wasteful contracts to benefit the FoC’s and bailouts of said FoC’s when they fuck up. How dare the DemoNcRats try to use tax money to benefit taxpayers. And taxpayers that don’t qualify for a thousand and one loopholes that result in the IRS bringing bars of gold to their doorstep no less, I feel faint with outrage!

What else did this drooling crap weasle whine about?

Bush said today that he and the House Republican leaders are also “deeply concerned about the high price of gasoline, which means that the United States Congress should not pass legislation that makes it harder to increase the supply of crude oil as well as increase the supply of gasoline.” He reiterated his call for construction of more oil refineries and for “environmentally friendly domestic exploration.” Bush has repeatedly complained that congressional Democrats have blocked drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska.

Yeah. ‘Cos, y’see. You just gotta poke the ground with a stick and the oil will come a-gushin’ out. Like in Beverly Hillbillies.

Jesus Christ on a velicoraptor. I’d like to find fuckwit who came up with “Environmentally Friendly Oil Exploration,” and force him to explain exactly what that entails. All I will need is a jar of honey and some fire ants. Maybe a ball peen hammer. Don’t worry, I will be torturing subjecting this shithead to enhanced interrogation methods in order to protect America and the English language so it’s all good.

What the Chimperor won’t tell you is exploration in ANWR will likely cause the price of gas to go up. Getting the people and equipment up there won’t be cheap, neither will setting up and maintaining an operation in an less than friendly environment (heh). Expecting the oil companies to dip into their profits to fund their own boondoggle is like expecting a to find unicorns romping with the Easter Bunny in your backyard. Then, assuming there is enough oil under there to make further destruction, er, environmentally friendly extraction, worthwhile. that oil will go on the market where other countries, say for example China, will have the opportunity to bid. You remember China? The country that has our collective ‘nads on the anvil because someone borrowed a shit ton of money off them so he could freedomize the people of Iraq.

[Sigh] 256 days.

Hey America! Heh.


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