Jungle Boogie

We’re all looking at you, Dr. Rice (via the AssPress):

At the State Department, one credit-card holder bought $360 worth of women’s lingerie at Seduccion Boutique for use during jungle training by trainees of a drug enforcement program in Ecuador.

You go to war with the army you have, but don’t get caught dead in an out of date suit:

At the Pentagon, four employees purchased $77,700 in clothing and accessories at high-end clothing and sporting goods stores. The spending included more than $45,000 at Brooks Brothers and similar stores for tailor-made suits — $7,000 of which were purchased a week before Christmas. The credit-card holders said the items were for service members working at U.S. embassies with civilian attire. Pentagon rules allow purchases of civilian clothing when performing official duty, but generally only up to $860 per person.

Fun with blood pressure: Think about how much body armor $77 grand would buy. Ha ha! You just blew a blood vessel!


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