Bipartisan House o’ Fail

I must take a break from chronicling the suck that is bAdmin, to bring you this failure by design (via Architectural inDigestion):

Above: J. Carville & M. Maitlin’s Cauchemar en Rose.

The exuberant living room was designed with the couple’s frequent entertaining in mind. “By turning a chair [and your stomach – ed.], anyone can join another conversation,” says Yeck. [Marion Yeck is one of the home wreckers who perpetrated this horror. The only way her last name could be more fitting is if it were Puke – ed.] A work by Chagall [one of my favorite artists, fuck you very much – ed.], bottom center, is beneath one of two Jamali lithographs. A Schumacher paper is on the ceiling.

“Exuberant”? Try “Freakin’ out so hard it takes five vials of Thorazine just to get your ass off the ceiling.”

It’s all very well to say that by turning a chair anyone can join another conversation (“Hey! Do you know how the hell do I get out of this giant, pulsating polyp of a room?!”) but I think people trapped in Jimmy & Mary’s Barbie Dungeon would be more interested to know that by lifting a chair and throwing it at the window they can make a break for the sane, non-pink world.

Does a career in politics drive you crazy or do you have to be crazy to want a career in politics? Whatever the answer, massive amounts of pink must exacerbate the symptoms.


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