Wonder what the “F” stands for

Dear residents of New Orleans and surrounding parishes,

If you decide to rise up and [ahem] cull the local population of bureaucrats, I won’t stand in your way (via the AssPress):

Imagine that your home was reduced to mold-covered wood framing by Hurricane Katrina. Desperate for money to rebuild, you engage in a frustrating bureaucratic process, and after months of living in a government provided-trailer that gives off formaldehyde fumes you finally win a federal grant.

Then a collector announces that you have to pay back thousands of dollars.

You might consider storming the Department of Homeland Security and giving Skeletor Chertoff a couple right in his famous gut. Not that I’m suggesting violence solves anything.

A private contractor under investigation for the compensation it received to run the Road Home grant program for Katrina victims says that in the rush to deliver aid to homeowners [Yes, they were helping the poor, unfortunate homeowners. Really. No one was wallpapering their sixth bathroom with $100 bills – ed.] in need some people got too much [“Some people” means the homeowners. Not the CEO of Incomprehensible Careless Fuckup International. He was giving presents to orphans the entire time. – ed]. Now it wants to hire a separate company to collect millions in grant overpayments.

The contractor, ICF International of Fairfax, Va., revealed the extent of the overpayments when it issued a March 11 request for bids from companies willing to handle “approximately 1,000 to 5,000 cases that will necessitate collection effort.” [Only communists and perverts would wonder if ICF has a collections branch – ed.]

OK, I’m approaching overdose on this bullshit. More later, but first a word from the caring, sharing folks of Inbred Crapstains Fail, International:

ICF spokeswoman Gentry Brann said in an e-mail Friday that the overpayment recovery effort was made inevitable when insurance and other aid to Katrina victims was eventually measured against what an applicant received from the Road Home program.

Brann said there was a sense of urgency in paying Road Home applicants, and ICF knew applicants might eventually have to return some money.

Anything else Ms. Spawn of Deranged Parents?

“The choice was either to process grants immediately or wait until the March 2008 deadline (for submitting Road Home applications) before disbursing any funds,” Brann said in her e-mail.

O rly?

One-third of qualified applicants for Road Home help had yet to receive any rebuilding check as of this past week. The program, which has come to symbolize the lurching Katrina recovery effort, has $11 billion in federal funds.

Don’t worry Ms. Cereal. Just keep saying you hate kw33rs and Roe v. Wade and the pResident will give you a position in his cabinet.


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