Naughty NoKo, you’re not being very nice (297)

bAdmin. holds the truths to be self-evident:

1. North Korea is a spoke in the Axis of Evil.

2. No member of the Axis of Evil should be allowed to even think about nukes.

3. Democracy can be spread by writing “Freedom” and a smiley face on bombs and dropping them on non-Democracies while the citizens rejoice.

So it should come as no surprise that when North Korea started lobbing short range missles like a grumpy teenager shooting off bottle rockets, bAdmin. reacted by … wagging its finger (via The Washington Post):

The White House called the missile tests “not constructive” and said the North Korea should “refrain from testing missiles,” Reuters news service reported.

The White House also quavered “Now snoogums, don’t cry. You’ll get all sickies to your tummykins.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that bAdmin. isn’t so completely batshit insane that it will go up against North Korea. But it does make all the chest pounding about security and freedom and all that fine stuff ring a bit hollow, which in turn makes other countries mutter “Pussy” behind their hands when the U.S. walks past. Oh well, only 297 days until U.S. credibility comes out of its nose dive.

But why is NoKo so upset?

North Korea test-fired a volley of missiles into the sea on Friday and warned that it may stop disabling its nuclear facilities unless the United States drops its demands for more details about the North’s nuclear arsenal.

bAdmin. There you are my little NoKokins! Didn’t mumsy tell you not to stay out so late?

NoKo: Shut up ma! Leave me alone, or one day I won’t come back AT ALL! [Stomps into room, slams door]

bAdmin. [Weeps, blames the Democrats]

But you know what? After 7+ years of bAdmin Babblespeak the “We’ll stop dismantling our nukes if you ask about our nukes,” line of “reasoning” sounds familiar.  Even All American: “Don’t ask us how we’re violating your rights. We have to violate your rights to protect your rights.”



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