Lurita Doan’t

Balloon Juice got the U.S.C.P’s balls-out-in-your-face fail and it’s getting late. So I cheated and went to the Giant Bumper Grimoire of bAdmin. Fuck Ups for some wonkery (via the GAO):

CCE [Contracting Center for Excellence] is paying up to almost 27 percent more for its contractor-provided contract specialists than for similarly graded government employees. This comparison took into account government salary, benefits, and overhead and the loaded hourly labor rates paid to contractors. Our review of available résumés showed that six contractor employees supporting CCE in fiscal year 2007 had on average more contracting experience than CCE’s five recent government hires.

Despite CCE’s legal counsel’s concerns, CCE has been inappropriately ordering contract specialists under a GSA contract because the services were out of scope of those contracts.

the blurred lines demarcating contractor from government personnel could result in creating the impression that contractor employees are government personnel. Contractor employees were not always identified as such to the public and in some cases were named on documents as the government’s point of contact.

More money going into private pockets with less oversight and attendant screw ups? Shocking!

Or not.

The DoD fully (even forcefully) concurred with the GAO’s findings. Our Lady of the GSA … whined.

Get the thumb screws Mr. Hutton.

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