In which a Republican demonstrates fiscal restraint

Oh how foolish the Lefty Lieburuls must feel. For years they’ve whined that the entire GOP is little more than a collection of greedy pigs who have the same reaction to the sight of money that a Catholic priest has to the sight of an altar boy.

This is sure to shut them up (via The Washington Post):

The former treasurer for the National Republican Congressional Committee diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars – and possibly as much as $1 million – of the organization’s funds into his personal accounts, GOP officials said yesterday, describing an alleged scheme that could become one of the largest political frauds in recent history.

See that? He may not have taken more than $1 million. That’s restraint.

For a Republican.

I’d also note that so far there isn’t the least sign that Mr. Ward spent the money on male hookers, drugs, butt plugs or wet suits.

A trip down memory lane (via NYT 25 Nov. 07)

Confronting an enormous fund-raising gap with Democrats, Republican Party officials are aggressively recruiting wealthy candidates who can spend large sums of their own money to finance their Congressional races, party officials say.

Mr. Ward: Gosh, I have no idea where that money’s going! [Continues surfing yacht maker’s Website.]



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