The internons r 2 confusin’

I suppose I should write about Adm. Fallon’s departure from CENTCOM. (Gee that makes … 10 zillion decent military commanders who can’t stand the Chimperor-in-Chief.) But it’s late, other people have covered that news* and we haven’t quite reached the 300 day countdown yet.

So I’ll make fun of the music industry. Specifically, that part of the music industry everyone hates. (Via Reuters):

The major labels took top dishonors for driving file-sharing service Napster out of business in 2001, instead of figuring out a way to make money from its tens of millions of users. The downloaders merely scattered to hundreds of other sites, and the industry has been in a tailspin ever since.

Sharing files for free pisses me off because it hoses the artists out of the tiny cut they get after a few hundred people (some of whom are responsible for atrocities like Britney Spears) have taken their share. But the scorched earth approach was stupid and unnecessary because it showed the world that the average music exec is an Olympic-class dickhead and now you have more than a few people who swap files just to piss off the dickheads, which is unfortunate because it also pisses off the artists.

Plus, it makes Metallica whine and dear God am I sick of those pussies.

On a more serious note, the music industry’s inability to grasp what the Internet could mean for music is a lot like print news media to do the same. “I don’t understand it” = “That’s stupid” = “Ignore it or get rid of it.” About five years ago older managers and co-workers at my place of employment, spent a good deal of time scoffing at these “blog” things. “Those crazy kids and their new-fangled ideas! Why in my day…”


*No, this doesn’t mean there is no longer a barrier to Bush bombing Iran. [Checks map] Nope, Russia’s still there. Relax.


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