Completely unrelated to anything

While writing about the tragic end of the FAA/SWA love affair, I remembered this:

Last week, NASA ordered the contractor that conducted the survey to purge all related data from its computers. Congress intervened Monday, saying it will launch a formal investigation and instruct NASA to keep all its data. [NASA Administrator Michael] Griffin said he already was ordering that all survey data be preserved.

Ha, ha! When I said purge, I really meant … um … Isn’t that Britney Spears?!

A senior NASA official, associate administrator Thomas S. Luedtke, said earlier that revealing the findings could damage the public’s confidence in airlines and affect airline profits. Luedtke acknowledged that the survey results “present a comprehensive picture of certain aspects of the U.S. commercial aviation industry.” [Emphasis mine]

Because nothing plumps up the bottom line like a few hundred people falling out of the sky. And anyway, you can always blame that on terrists.


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